What is this Podcast All About?

In this podcast, engage in a deep dive with Loree Draude on how leaders and teams can create the optimal conditions to enable a team to take flight and achieve supersonic performance. To make the jump to a supersonic level of performance, all of the right conditions must be met for your team. How do YOU, as a leader, create the perfect conditions for your team to be able to perform at a supersonic level? How can leaders learn to humanize the workplace and motivate their teams on a human level, not just as employees? How can teams learn to recognize what they need, and what will help them achieve supersonic performance? Loree’s experience and expertise, as a Navy combat jet fighter, team leader at Google and Facebook, along with that of her notable guests, will answer all of these questions and so much more.


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Meet the Host – Loree Draude

Loree Draude was one of the first pioneering women to fly combat jets off an aircraft carrier. Loree’s expertise in developing leaders and teams has been honed over many years of serving in the Navy as a division officer, as well as leading teams in Silicon Valley at start-ups and large technology companies, including Google and Facebook.

She knows the challenges companies face in creating peak performance cultures and retaining top talent. Loree can inspire and motivate audiences as well as offer practical tips for conquering fear and learning to soar.

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